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One of a kind, the Ancient Dammuso

The opposite of One, an enchanting love nest for two guests

From the terrace, the view of all the colors of the sea and the wide open sky over the bay extends all the way to the Punta Spadillo lighthouse.
It’s amazing!

Inside, the house is designed in the traditional Dammusi style: with a large central living room and a high volta reale vaulted ceiling that circulates warm air upward to keep the environment very fresh in summertime. This room leads into both the small kitchen space equipped with all the utensils needed for cooking and an alcove with a double bed.

The bathroom which was originally used as a stable has been renovated by going down a couple of steps from the sleeping area and is equipped with a beautiful lava stone sink, toilet and standup shower, with a shuttered window overlooking the countryside and the sea, almost like an impressionist painting.

Just outside the main door is ‘u passiaturi, the private terrace, a key element of Pantelleria’s dammusi houses and the center of summertime social life. The traditional ducchena stone bench and outdoor dining table, both decorated with light blue (my favourite color) maioliche tiles, make for the perfect place to write, draw or dine al aperto. Director’s chairs, a wooden bench, deck chairs and colorful cushions complete the outdoor furniture setup, along with natural Sicilian sunshine and a fresh sea breeze. The white roof of the cistern water tank is even a great spot for sunbathing.

Dammuso Antico Ingresso
«When my parents, Paolo and Costanza Sallier de La Tour, bought the land in the 1970’s, this Dammuso was the only existing structure on the property, used as a storage shed filled with tools for cultivating the impervious Pantescan terraced vineyards.
They decided to keep the original structure and turn it into an enchanting love nest, always very coveted among their friends and visitors.»
Dammuso Antico Toppa

Le Case del Principe

a magical place to be experienced!