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Tales at sunset on the terrace by the sea

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Sending all of you my heartfelt wishes for the New Year that has just begun! I know that, like me,

Pantelleria, island of wine

For its incredible soil and climate characteristics, Pantelleria has developed its own particular agricultural style over the last few centuries.
In barca

Pantelleria by boat

Pantelleria is often defined as an island of peasants rather than fishermen for its undeniable agricultural developments. But for those
Tra i capperi

Caper therapy

Starting in mid-May in Pantelleria, we begin to collect our capers for the year. It’s an art of the hands
Airone sullo Specchio di Venere

How to reach Pantelleria

If you are already in Sicily, the connections are obviously easier. Trapani is the city best connected to our island.
Scogliera pantesca

The most beautiful sea in Sicily

In a recent article of “la Republica” newspaper, they note that “The island of Pantelleria is among the top 15

Le Case del Principe

un posto magico tutto da vivere!