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«I am waiting for you, dedicated to share the warm welcome that only a small island provides!»


Welcome to Le Case del Principe!

the place of my soul

I am Ariane. I love flowers and nature, a tranquil and colorful place, and I always feel emotional gazing out into the sea
Ariane benvenuti

I love Pantelleria, with its dense and lively colors, that deep blue of the sky in which it is almost possible to sink your hands into where it merges with the sea, the bright greens of the vegetation in every season, the smells, the intense colors of the wild flowers that emerge from the black volcanic rocks, the silence of winter broken by the wind and the harsh light of summer.

A landscape that has always been part of my world, I reflect and see myself in it: it is a refuge for my soul.

I recognized and chose it as an excellent place to live a long time ago, when the island was still quite unknown, and I lived here for a long time. Both of my children, Costanza and Gherardo, were born and raised here, running freely, and infected since childhood by their father’s passion for Neapolitan cuisine.

They too, just like me, never miss an opportunity to return here to Pantelleria; but wherever we go, we carry this island of ours in our eyes and our hearts.

Costanza e Polo
Ghero ed Argo - Le Case del Principe Pantelleria
 The love for Pantelleria passed between us from one generation to the next, ever since in the seventies,  my parents, Paolo and Costanza, arrived here for a holiday and fell in love with the island. Even more precisely,  they fell in love with this little promontory set high above the sea and its view of the sunrise, so much that they bought it,  a magnificent little green piece of our world in front of the sea.

The roots of my family, Sallier de La Tour from my father and Tasca d’Almerita my mother, brought together two great Sicilian families of farmers and winemakers. They chose this place on an island outside the usual worlds as a refuge and place of sharing with those like them who were mesmerized to sit in front of this spectacle of nature.

And so they enriched this place where the “Ancient Dammuso” already existed, by building six additional dammusi, close but separate from each other, to respect the silence when you just want to listen to the wind that carries the scent of the sea right into the house.

The islanders have always called them, Le Case del Principe, “the Prince’s houses”, and so I chose to continue the tradition in the place where our family has always lived happily in the summer.

Anni 70

Now it is I who takes care of our promontory and dedicates myself to Le Case del Principe with gratitude and deep respect for this island. I recognize the great privilege of being able to live in a place that inspires thoughts and reflections, unique and extraordinary that today belongs to me. I have a dream: to make those who love the magic of nature fall in love with this island and know how to make it resonate within themselves.

I am waiting for you, dedicated to share the warm welcome that only a small island provides!

Sul mare dai nostri dammusi

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