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Discover Le Case del Principe in Pantelleria

all of the colors from the Sea to the Sky

Each Dammuso has a terrace almost suspended over the sea. The sun rises right from the horizon in front of you, coloring the sky and reflecting off the water with orange and gold hues. Under the full moon, the lighthouse illuminates a silver trail across the bay, reaching the shore just below the houses.

An ideal location

Immersed in the “macchia mediterranea“ typical Mediterranean scrub of the island, guests of our Dammusi can enjoy the quiet and intense colors of the natural landscape, while still being only 4 kilometers from the main town of the island: Pantelleria.

The most convenient sea to take a swim

The bay below can be reached by a private path which, in the most steep area, is equipped with some steps. You arrive at a single slab of black lava stone, smoothed by the waves and a beachfront made of large pebbles. It is an ideal spot for snorkeling and suitable for children since the pebbled sea floor is not very deep.

Managed with love

All of our Dammusi are furnished with a slightly spartan simplicity that makes for a comfortable holiday stay, enriched by good taste. They are very bright and airy thanks to the direct access to the terrace overlooking the sea and the windows in every room. Outside, each Dammuso has a stone tiled dining table with ducchene, traditional bench seats, colored cushions, director’s chairs, deck chairs, charcoal barbecue and an external shower.
Una nostra terrazza

Natural thermal springs, just minutes away

The nearby volcanic “Lago Specchio di Venere“ Venus’ Mirror lake is a rejuvenating place with its thermal springs, whose light colored mud can be used as a purifying mask for the whole body. A place of passage for migratory birds such as herons, storks and even flamingoes, can be reached on foot with a pleasant 15-minute walk.

Surrounded by nature, serenity and silence, perfect for a holiday hideaway!

Our Dammusi are closed to each other yet distant enough for privacy, set on a promontory not too high above the sea, that allows you to go down on foot for a swim. The Ancient Dammuso for 2 guests, has kept the original lava stone structure, the Large Dammusi can accommodate up to 7 people and the Small Dammusi (named this way only as a way to distinguish them in relation to the Large ones) are comfortable for up to 4 guests. We are located in Zone 1 of the heart of island’s Natural Park, notable for the highest naturalistic interest and minor human intervention on the wild environment.

The Ancient Dammuso

for 2 guests

Il Dammuso Antico

The Small Dammusi

for up to 4 guests

Dammusi Piccoli Retro

The Large Dammusi

for up to 7 guests

Dammusi Grandi nel verde

Le Case del Principe

a magical place to be experienced!