Workshop vino volcanico – October 2022

In October 2022, our friend and reservations manager, chef Linda Sarris, organized her annual Vino Volcanico program at Le Case del Principe.

This weeklong retreat gathered
16 women from the US and Australia to learn about the food and wine of Pantelleria.
They visited local zibibbo producers including Cantina Basile, Abbazia San Giorgio and Sapori di Pantelleria and learned all about caper cultivation at La Nicchia’s Caper Museum.

The ladies were hosted in our dammusi houses and took advantage of our communal spaces to
cook together and dine on the the private terrace of our dammuso grande overlooking the sea

Even in Autumn, they were able to take walks down to the water for swimming and sunbathing.

They walked to the nearby Lago di Venere lake and planned excursions to Mueggen, Bukkuram, Khamma, Scauri and Cala dell’Elefante discovering the varied landscapes, terraced vineyards, Pantescan gardens, and Gadir’s natural hot spring pools.

Linda’s diverse group of 16 foreign women took the island by storm, making friends everywhere they went and were even invited to participate in the harvest and crush grapes with their feet.

They took home with them not only a new found knowledge of winemaking in extreme conditions but an appreciation for the deep, warm hospitality of the local Panteschi.

One of the kind guests, Australian lifestyle photographer Lean Timms from Canberra, shared some of her stunning photos with us to preserve the memories from the week. Her photos will serve as a keepsake for the retreat guests and remind them to come back to Pantelleria to discover even more the next time.

For the last several years, we have encouraged groups like Linda’s to take advantage of our houses in the off-season to explore a quiet and more peaceful Pantelleria apart from the busy summer destination that most people know.

Our dammusi offer enough space for groups to have private accommodations while being close enough to meet up for socializing and shared meals.

If you would like to participate in already established thematic groups but also organize your own thematic workshop on what you want, please