Summer 2022: Direct Flights to Pantelleria

These are the Italian airports with direct flights to come visit us in Pantelleria this summer.

We hope there is one that is ideal for you, so you can come early for a wonderful vacation.

Here it is already summer!

DAT: Palermo, Catania and Trapani

ITA Airway: Rome Fiumicino e Milan Linate

VOLOTEA: Naples, Bologna, Venice, Verona, Bergamo, Milan Linate and Turin

Pantelleria can also be reached by sea with ferry and hydrofoil services from Trapani. As soon as the summer timetables are posted, we will share them here as well.

Book your flight and don’t forget to book with us first too. We are waiting for you at Le Case del Principe di Pantelleria!

Pantelleria by boat

In barca

Pantelleria is often defined as an island of peasants rather than fishermen for its undeniable agricultural developments. But for those who visit in summer, Pantelleria will enchant you with the beauty of the sea: an intense blue in some areas and crystal clear in others.

To discover the hidden and nearly inaccessible corners of the island, you must to dedicate at least one day of your holiday for a boat trip. Carefully study the weather forecast to choose a calm day to enjoy.

The tour of the island of Pantelleria by boat can be done either by renting a boat for your own use, or by joining a trip organized by one of the many boats that are found every morning at the port of the main town of Pantelleria.

The excursion lasts all day because it is well worth the stops in each caves and inlet along the entire perimeter of the island.

The tour of the island usually starts in the port of the town of Pantelleria heading south towards the direction of Scauri. It will take you to discover the cliffs of the Suvaki area, up to the ancient hot spring spa in the Sataria cave. After passing the port of Scauri, you will arrive in Nikà: a small marina filled with fishermen’s boats near the high cliffs nearby. In Nikà, a swim in the hot waters can reach up to 70C/158F in some places!

The island is characterized by a succession of caves and rocks with spectacular shapes and unique colors. Next up, is a stop at the Balata dei Turchi, an almost flat rock that was used since ancient times as a convenient landing place. Further on, follow the “scugghitti” up to the inlet of Martingana, pass the “Faraglione” rock formations and finally head towards the elephant’s trunk near Cala Levante and Cala Tramontana.

On the way back the boat will take you close to the Punta Spadillo lighthouse for a swim between the Cinderella’s slipper and the enchanting Cala Cinque Denti.

Shortly after you will find the boat passing directly under our dammusi at Le Case del Principe and finally from Campobello to Karuscia back towards the port.

Ready to visit Pantelleria from the sea? We are waiting for you in our Dammusi.

How to reach Pantelleria

Airone sullo Specchio di Venere

If you are already in Sicily, the connections are obviously easier. Trapani is the city best connected to our island.

From here, the aliscafo hydrofoil speed-ferry of Liberty Lines departs every day except Tuesday. The trip transports you directly into vacation-mode in just 2 hours 30 minutes.

Also from Trapani, the Siremar  ferry also leaves with an overnight route, allowing guests to disembark on the island of Pantelleria along with their car or motorino.

Finally, DAT Airlines has direct flights connecting Palermo, Trapani and Catania with Pantelleria Airport (PNL).

If you are traveling from outside of Sicily, you can reach the island with  Alitalia  flights (via Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino) or Volotea  (from Milan Malpensa, Turin, Genoa, Venice, Verona).

Once you arrive on the island, we will be happy to give you all the useful information you might need to best explore the wonders of Pantelleria, including a recommendation for a car/motorino rental that should be reserved before you arrive.

We are waiting for you!

Getting here is much easier than you think!

Setting aside some time for a well-deserved break might be more difficult.

We have weekly rentals still available for this summer and fall.

Contact us to request pricing and availability.

Pantelleria, the perfect social distancing island

Bianco dei tetti sul blu del mare

We still live with the uncertainty of what the rules for this summer will be, but surely many of us really need a holiday. We need to breathe the sea air, to get lost in the horizon in front of us, to dive into the immense blue.

That’s why Pantelleria is the island that’s right for us. A large and incredibly varied island, characterized by black cliffs, crystal clear sea, enchanting landscapes such as the nearby Lake of Venus and the countless paths that climb the Montagna Grande for all types of trekking.

In Pantelleria, with a span of 80 square km, we will certainly not have to struggle to respect the distance they ask us to maintain. Just take refuge in a dammuso facing the sea and enjoy this well-deserved relaxation.

As Green Planet News suggests, Pantelleria is the island of slow tourism, never too crowded, where daily life has a different rhythm from the rest of the world. That’s the pace we all need this year.